Saturday, July 23, 2011


So this morning I cleaned up a little, as usual, and then decided to wash Avery's bottles. Naturally, I scoop her up and take her in the kitchen with me so I can watch her at all times. As soon as I start washing the bottles Ms. Avery decides she wants to stand WITH mommy so she latches on to the back of my legs and pulls her cute little self up. She is now standing behind me sticking her head between my legs and looking up at me laughing! She was having a grand ol' time but I decided this is not the safest thing b/c we are in the kitchen, on the tile floor, so I sit her down and give her other things to play with. Naturally, this did not reach the same level on the fun-o-meter for her so we go back and forth...she stands up....mommy sits her down...she stands up....mommy sits her down...etc. Guess who won...yes, Avery. This is how we finally looked...she is standing holding onto my legs all the while blowing her lips and licking the back of my leg while I am standing on one leg with the other wrapped around the back of her so she doesn't fall and bust her head open. I am laughing hysterically and all I could think was that I looked like a flamingo...a flamingo mommy washing bottles! What a way to start the day. :) 

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  1. Shame there isn't a photo to accompany Flamingo Mom... Why don't you buy a bean bag or large pillow and place it behind her so if she falls she wont hurt herself (just remember it's there so you don't fall)
    Jo xx